New 2010 Greenhouse 12′ X 7′ X 7′ Large Green House Garden Outdoor

New 2010 Greenhouse 12′ X 7′ X 7′ Large Green House Garden Outdoor

You are viewing a Brand New 12′ x 7 x 7′ Greenhouse. This house is made by an ISO9001 Certified manufacture. We guarantee you very high quality. Feel free to look around, you will find that we have the best price on the market.Brand New in Retail PackagingVery Compact, Portable and Lightweight. Easy Installation (5 Minutes & No Tools Required)Large 12′ X 7’X 7′ (Walk in Greenhouse)Rust Resistant Powder Coated Steel FrameCover is UV Protected, Waterproof, & PE ReinforcedZippered Front Door6 Side

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List Price: $ 99.99

Price: $ 64.95

Gardman R688 Walk-In Greenhouse

  • Construct a temporary greenhouse right in your own backyard
  • Polycarbonate glazing much safer than glass, providing safety to your kids and pets
  • Galvanized steel and aluminum frame is coated after drilling
  • Easy to assemble or take down within minutes
  • Measures 49 x 75 x 75 inches; weighs 18.2 pounds

Extend your growing season with a Gardman Complete Walk-In Greenhouse Kit. A greenhouse offers the plant enthusiast the advantage of earlier blooms and crops. Its controlled environment will allow your plants to thrive in a more even temperature and is perfect for cheating the weather. This kit includes everything needed to construct a walk-in greenhouse. The innovative polycarbonate glazing is safer than glass, offering no danger to children or pets. The glazing’s twin-wall design is excellent

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List Price: $ 109.99

Price: $ 79.77

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8 Responses to “New 2010 Greenhouse 12′ X 7′ X 7′ Large Green House Garden Outdoor”

  1. J. E. Toliver says:

    Review by J. E. Toliver for New 2010 Greenhouse 12′ X 7′ X 7′ Large Green House Garden Outdoor
    This is a wonderful greenhouse and already my plants are doing extremely well. It is very sturdy and is quite roomy. My only complaint comes with regard to the small windows for ventilation. The velcro meant to hold them in place is sewn on backwards. The grip like portion is on the flap while the softer portion is on the main portion. This causes a problem when a wind comes up with the flaps rolled down. The grip part can come undone and then regrip on the light netting used to help keep insects out. Then as the wind continues the netting gets severely torn up and leaves giant holes that defeat the purpose of the netting.

  2. Darlene M. Blanton says:

    Review by Darlene M. Blanton for New 2010 Greenhouse 12′ X 7′ X 7′ Large Green House Garden Outdoor
    This greenhouse is great. We are thinking of ordering more.They shipped it the day after it was ordered, and we received it sooner than we expected.

    My husband was able to assemble it himself, even though there are not any clear instructions. It went together very well and the cover fit over the frame perfectly.

    The only problem we had is that it needs to be more secured against heavy wind. A heavy wind turned it over and it was bent and we had trouble getting the cover on again. When I called the company to ask if there were replacement parts available, they were very helpful. We were able to repair it without ordering parts, but the customer service person was very helpful.

    The solution is to hammer rebar into the ground next to the frame, from the inside, and secure the frame to the rebar. This will help keep it standing in heavy wind.

  3. jay says:

    Review by jay for New 2010 Greenhouse 12′ X 7′ X 7′ Large Green House Garden Outdoor
    has anyone ever ordered this product where they have winters I live in Rochester NY and we get some pretty heavy winters here and just wanted to know if anyone has it where they have winters only posts i see on here for this product is from The warmer southern weather so Please if there is anyone out there that has this in a colder place where they have winters and that this product could with stand the snow? please leave let me know



  4. Wes says:

    Review by Wes for Gardman R688 Walk-In Greenhouse
    It took about an hour to assemble it and get it all set up. It was easy to do by myself and the metal poles and plastic connectors are all labeled. The instructions are on the outside of the box, which I didn’t care for, since they can get torn in shipping, but mine were fine. They were easy to follow, since it is just a labeled drawing with a few sentences.

    I have it on the south side of my house on a concrete patio. On the inside, I tied down a cynder block in each corner to keep it from blowing away and it is doing a great job. I also bought a heater and thermostat for it. At night, inside the greenhouse the temp stays in the 40s, even though the temp outside is in the low teens. During the day, even though the temp is in the 30s, it gets up into the 80s and quite humid inside the greenhouse. I’m in central NC, so the sun is fairly strong and does a great job of heating it up during the day, but once the sun goes down and the temp drops, you’ll need a heater (and thermostat) in it to keep it at a specific temp, which I bought at Greenhouse Megastore. I bought the Portable Electric Heater, 120V, Item Number: HT-2000 ($49) and the Portable Prewired Thermostat, Item Number: CT-1000 ($48) and both are doing a great job.

  5. Petra Burchell says:

    Review by Petra Burchell for Gardman R688 Walk-In Greenhouse
    I recently bought this and put it together this week. It is easy enough to put together. First, one of the connectors was broken. I taped it together and got it to work. Than, after putting in the plants and zipping it up, I discovered that the zipper on one side is broken. It splits when you try to zip it up. I did find the Gardsman company on the internet and wrote them an email about this problem. I received 2 of each different connector and will be getting a new cover within a week free of charge. Definetely great customer service. I’m impressed. Hopefully, that will solve all of my problems.

  6. F. Pate says:

    Review by F. Pate for Gardman R688 Walk-In Greenhouse
    This greenhouse is perfect if you want one that is small and conveniently sized. I was so excited when I received it and it is fun and useful. The wind blew it away one time and the joints got twisted and useless, but the company sent me some new ones in just a few days. So when you construct yours, try to put it out of the wind. You wouldn’t believe how cute it is.

  7. Christine E. Lamar says:

    Review by Christine E. Lamar for Gardman R688 Walk-In Greenhouse
    First I was missing pieces so make you you count everything and from what I have read other people are missing pieces too. Set up is easy I did it myself in an hour or so. With in the first few days one of the zippers broke off on a weekend I was not home. The plastic tears very easy and i have several and have only owned it for a few weeks. It almost blew away during a storm and we had to buy more parts to secure it and I placed cinder block on the plastic inside because the little sticks they give you aren’t worth a damn. It would be cheaper and better if you just made one from plastic and wood.

  8. Gregor Samsa says:

    Review by Gregor Samsa for Gardman R688 Walk-In Greenhouse
    The Mockingbirds peck unprotected ripe tomatoes here and I’ve struggled for years with protection schemes. None of them worked. So, I determined to get an inexpensive greenhouse to thwart those pesky birds. There are many small greenhouses available but they can be pricey. Shipping can be expensive as well ($40 for a similar one this size on a different site. Yikes!) There is no way I was going to design and build a Mockingbird protector for $109 total. My Gardman was delivered FAST. Set-up was easy. I’m sure it will survive the season and then blow-away in our September hurricane. I’m happy!

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